A Hepburn Paradigm

A chronicle of fashion visuals, from exquisite collections to admirable street style. This is simply a collection of whatever pleasingly chic images I happen upon.

The Eres “Know-How”

Isabel Marant X H&M

An exciting collaboration that will hit the shelves November 2013. Embrace the inner Parisian chic in you!


Être déraciné, cela veut dire n’avoir pas de place dans le monde, reconnue et garantie par les autres.

—H. Arendt

La Seine - Vanessa Paradis & -M-


Custom Lipstick

I would make a trip back to NYC just for this. 


The Rise of Bespoke Tailoring

“It’s an addictive thing, because people do take notice. Guys who thought they would never dress up, suddenly discover they love wearing suits. All it takes is for them to own their first good suit.”



Andrew Bird's Untamed Melodies

"What I need is a particle of something true. Something with barbs on it so it can snag other ideas flowing down stream, and they gather until they dam up the river and there’s your song." - Andrew Bird on the process of composition


Once Upon a Time by K. Lagerfeld - a Chanel shortfilm.



Peter Som Brings Quirky, Feminine Style To Anthropologie

Here’s to hoping some of these articles will magically go on sale.